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17 Jan 16

Sindee Jennings

Oh, slutty Sindee Jennings…. She’s such a slut!

Sindee Jennings has been around and she knows she likes big cock. She had spent her night at her brother’s new condo, and sneaked up on his room mate getting dress in the morning. His room mate – Rick was his name – was giving a new meaning to “morning wood“. His cock was huge!

And Sindee Jennings wasn’t sure if she was turned on or just plain old feeling guilty about watching him without him knowing!

cindee jennings hot teen loves giant cock1

She made a little noise – she was giggling – and Sindee Jennings was so busted!

Suddenly he came out of his room and into the hall…. Sindee Jennings told him she was watching and that she admired his huge cock, and he asked if she wanted to see it again. Sindee Jennings wasn’t born yesterday, so she knew exactly what it meant! Sindee Jennings loved big cocks so she wasn’t about to say no!

He lowered his pants and hung his cock out…. Sindee Jennings grabbed his cock and boy oh boy his cock was fucking huge!

cindee jennings hot teen loves giant cock2

But that’s okay, because all teens love big cocks! Sindee Jennings was no exception – she loved her huge cock!

And she took it all like a champ!

cindee jennings hot teen loves giant cock3

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17 Jan 16

Bathroom Blow Job

Poor Jaimie never saw it coming. She was at this big producer’s house for what she thought was going to be the break of a lifetime. It was her chance to really shine and make it big in Hollywood. She would show all of her old boyfriends back her little fucking crappy hometown that they missed out when they dumped her.

She met the producer quickly, explained it was long drive, and asked to go the power room. Now, she wasn’t born yesterday and had heard all about the casting couch. She knew that if she really wanted to make it big in Hollywood she would have to suck a cock or two, maybe even put out. Jaimie was okay with that!

But when this big producer suddenly barged into the bathroom she was a bit stunned!

Being as she already had her panties around her knees, she decided to just for it…. She looked up at him with her big sexy eyes and said “do you like what you see?”. He needed. That’s when she suddenly said “Bring your junk over here and we’ll take this audition to the next level!

Suddenly he had his cock out and she was sucking him off! Right there in the bathroom!

jaimies sexy hollywood audition3

They never made it out of the bathroom. Jaimie was wearing a short little skirt and it was quickly hiked up – and suddenly he had her bent over the bathroom counter, fucking her nice and hard!

jaimies sexy hollywood audition4

And here all this time she was thinking she wouldn’t like sleeping her way up to the top!

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16 Jan 16

Fucking The VIP

Chicks love hanging out in the VIP area of any club. They love it all, from the limo ride to the free drinks. And all chicks will do anything to get into the VIP area!

Turns out Mandy and her girlfriend were more than willing to fuck!

Craig was the one who brought them all in the limo, so Craig was the man tonight – he was the one to fuck! He was making sure they had a good time, and they needed to return the favor!

And return the favor they did!

Looks like they had lots of fun in the VIP room tonight!

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Needy Wives are always so much! For whatever reason they are bored or lonely or just plain honry. They sure do like to fuck!!!

Sandy was one of those Needy Wives who was honry when the repair man showed up. The moment he walked in the door she was already thinking about how badly she wanted to fuck him!

When she gave him the bill for his work, she had other things in mind!

They sat down together on the couch, and she sat close to him. And when she started to feel him up he was surprised but not disappointed! She pulled out his cock…..

And then started to suck on it while he fingered her pussy!

Turns out Needy Wives have lots of needs, and getting fucking hard while riding high on top is one of them!!!

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Cassie was looking for a ride and a good time, and she found one when Matt pulled over and offered her a lift! She thought he was pretty cute, and he thought she was totally hittable!

These two hit it off quick! Got to love Teen Hitch Hikers!

Turns out Cassie wasn’t only after a ride…. She wanted to suck on the some cock, being a honry teen who loves to spend her time sucking cock!

Matt surely didn’t mind – He offered her a ride, and now he was getting a ride of his own!!!

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15 Jan 16

Cash For Tricks

The Money Talks is out looking for some fun – and they found it in this shop with this little hottie behind the register!


All they need to do is offered up some cash and presto – that shirt opens up wide!

lola-money-whore-fucks-sucks2 lola-money-whore-fucks-sucks3

lola-money-whore-fucks-sucks4 lola-money-whore-fucks-sucks5

Offer this whore up some more cash, and presto – she’s sucking on some cock and fucking!

lola-money-whore-fucks-sucks7 lola-money-whore-fucks-sucks6


I wish I could roll with the Money Talks crew!!!

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14 Jan 16

Sierra Snow Fucks

You know how Teens Like It Big…. Well, turns out Sierra Snow is one of those teens who does in fact like it big! She had heard that Steve had a huge cock, so she was gong to bed him and find out exactly how big he was!

sierra snow loves huge cock1

She quickly explained to him what she wanted, and he was all for it – What man wouldn’t be? When he pulled down his pants Sierra felt him up and was stunned to feel a large rock hard cock under his boxer shorts!!!

sierra snow loves huge cock3

When he pulled that monster out she was stunned at how large it was! This was by far the biggest cock she had ever laid eyes on!

sierra snow loves huge cock4

Instantly she became a sex staved whore who’s entire purpose was to have that huge monster cock inside of her mouth and in her pussy!

sierra snow loves huge cock5 sierra snow loves huge cock6

And when Steve fucked her from behind she was loving every minute of it! She had never been fucked like this before and with the big cock going deeper and deeper in her, well, she got off like she had never gotten off before!!!

sierra snow loves huge cock7

This teen sure likes it big!

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I would kill to work for the Big Sausage Pizza company!!!! You know these guys get lucky!


And when they get lucky, it’s a wonderful thing!!! Women suck their cocks right through the pizza!

big-sausage-pizza-jessie2 big-sausage-pizza-jessie3

How’s that for lucky????


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13 Jan 16

Mike’s Apartment

Angel had lost her job and then everything else went down hill from there….. She needed a place to stay and she was desperate! But Mike had a lot of chicks wanting to crash with him at Mike’s Apartment, so if Angel was going to spend the night she was going to have to prove herself – Which she prompted did.

When David asked Angel what set her apart from all of the other girls, she promptly stood up, lifted up her shirt to show that she wasn’t wearing a bra, and then did the splits!

angel hot teen sucks and fucks2

That got Mike’s attention – quickly! But really set apart Angel from all of the other chicks that wanted to bank him was her oral ability! This woman could suck cock like you wouldn’t believe! She bent over, spread her legs, and took his full cock in her mouth and pleasured him by sucking him off!

Mike was getting off having this hot babe sucking him off!

angel hot teen sucks and fucks3

Mike bent her over on the bed and let her know that he was a man – he fucked her really hard!

angel hot teen sucks and fucks4

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Christina needed a place to stay and heard about Mike’s Apartment. She loved giving head – her specialty was deep throating huge cock. She did it for fun, so she can sure do it for rent money!

Turns out that Mike has a huge cock!

She was amazed by huge cocks, and Mike’s was no different. She couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to play with it!

christina-loves huge cock2 christina-loves huge cock3

But Mike wanted her to lick it and suck it – and she was more than willing!

christina-loves huge cock4

Yeah, she’ll be spending some time at Mike’s Apartment!!!!

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